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Mon 27th July 1970

In morning we went to the Natural History Museum. Saw interesting specimens- some in kilts whom Shani liked – they followed us but we shook ’em off. Went to Ken Market. Coffee there. Returned. Lunch. Went to Kings Rd wearing brown mac + ‘farmers’ cap. Shani bought pink t-shirt. Returned. Tea- high. Saw film (‘x’ on tv) “In the Shadow of the cat”- sinister. V.good.


Tues 27th July 1971

Received obscene p.c. promotion from Toni from Paris! Ma read it!! Usual sort of day. Did nothing much. Went to see Jenny in afternoon. We’re going to Roy’s tommorow- I hope I don’t see the nose-bleed drip (he lives near). Very pleasant at Jenny’s. Returned. Saw lovely film on T.V. called ‘Johnny Belinda’- lovely. About deaf girl’s mother. Malcolm trimmed my hair.


Thurs 27th July 1972

Mish rang. Went to Harpenden in afternoon to stay with Carmen. Her party is on Saturday. Have left all my make-up at home but Claire Keane will bring it when she’s down here I hope – she’s staying with Ma.


Fri 27th July 1973

Simon came up for day. Mucked around.

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