20th december 1970. 71,72

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Sun 20th Dec 1970

Jenny had her baby – boy, Benjamen. David rung in afternoon + can’t come cos he’d already accepted a party invitation. Sob! Mish + Sue were practically breathing down my neck + commenting a little too loud. Louise can’t come nor John Keane, so 1 spare ticket. Then Audrey, we discovered, has found hers so we have 2 spares. Tried ringing Chris but he’s away for 2 weeks. Sob! Sue and Mish left me to my sorrows.

Mon 20th December 1971

Looked round China fleet. In morn went with Rene to cafe. Lunch (fried bananas wrapped in ham, in cheese, sweet corn sauce)went down Queens Road and looked at shops. Weather mild: Hong Kong; an endless Oxford St. Returned. Went for drink at Yacht Club. The armah Arlee (=Florrie Webb)cooked chops. Couldn’t sleep for sometime.

Wed 20th Dec 1972

Tom said I looked ravishing. Pat, me, Cathy, James, Tom + John went to dance. Cathy flirted with James + John + then eloped v. rudely with Antony Murphy.! (who said I looked like Cleopatra) Tom wished he was in bed with me. He was v. nice + we went to downstairs disco. Coffee with Hames. parted. Pat + I chatted till small hours – she got curse on dress, poor kid. bed.) Tom said he loved me as opposed to in love.


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